Price Manipulation Bypass Using Integer Overflow Method


Integer Overflow


  1. I ordered 9223372036854775808 of item A.
  2. Upon submitting, the quantity becomes -9223372036854775808, proving the existence of the integer overflow bug.
  3. I ordered again 9223372036854775800 of item A so I will have -8 items of Item A in total.
  4. Now, my cart total is -80$
  5. I ordered 1 item of Item B (80$)
  6. Now, my cart total is $0.00
  7. At first, I thought that this was just a visual bug, and probably there is another checking in the server for negative quantities. To be sure that this is not a visual bug, I checked out my cart and paid using paypal. To my surprise, the bug worked and I paid my items for FREE.




Future Engineer | Bug Bounty Hunter

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Marx Chryz Del Mundo

Marx Chryz Del Mundo

Future Engineer | Bug Bounty Hunter

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